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Anode Baking

Felix Keller, Peter O. Sulger;
published 2008 by R&D Carbon Ltd.
ISBN 978-2-940348-19-0
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Anodes are a vital material for aluminum smelters, and anode baking is a crucial step in making them. This baking process is decisive for anode quality and cost, and for bake furnace environmental impact. But there is little reference information available to say how performance can be judged and improved.

This book provides the know-how to optimize a bake furnace to satisfy current priorities, be they optimum output, quality, cost, or impact on the environment. It presents the facts so that they are easy to apply in daily furnace operation.

Good raw materials and green anode recipes are essential input for quality baked anodes, so the explanations cover these aspects as well.

Although R&D Carbon Ltd. specializes in anodes, our philosophy promotes an integrated approach. It therefore focuses on the interaction between anode manufacture and metal production cost.

For making rational decisions and for choosing priorities, for routine daily operation and for optimizing the process, anode plant and baking plant staff will find this book invaluable.


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CHF 100.00
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