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Anodes & Electrodes

Our specific instruments can test all the relevant properties of baked anode cores; those influencing the anode consumption (CO2, air reactivity, air permeability and thermal conductivity) or properties that influence thermal shock resistance (compressive strength and Young's modulus, flexural strength and thermal expansion). The electrical resistance, a property relevant for energy consumption, can also be measured.

These instruments may also be used for testing cathodes, graphite electrodes as well as baked Söderberg and ramming pastes.  

Anode Core Saw
RDC 143
Thermal Conductivity
RDC 144
Compressive Strength and Young's Modulus
RDC 145
Air Permeability
RDC 146
CO2 Reactivity Anode
RDC 148
Diamond Wheel Saw
RDC 149
Grinding Machine
RDC 150
Specific Electrical Resistance
RDC 151
Air Reactivity Anode
RDC 152
Real Density Determination
RDC 158
Thermal Expansion
RDC 169
Furnace for Ash Content
RDC 180
Bench Drilling Machine
RDC 181
Tumbling Apparatus
RDC 187
Flexural Strength Apparatus
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