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Bench Scale & Pilot Scale Equipment

When changing petroleum coke and/or pitch source, it is important to adapt the anode formulation to the new raw material. Adapting by "Trial and Error" in the anode plant is cumbersome and using anodes of inferior quality results in severe problems. Bench-scale trials are relatively quick, inexpensive and risk-free.

RDC's Bench Scale Equipment includes a mixer and a sample press, which can quickly make cylindrical test specimens from several different recipes of green anodes. The Bench Scale Anode Baking Furnace then bakes these test specimens, which can finally be tested using all relevant methods, like samples drilled from production anodes.

Mainly for coke suppliers, R&D Carbon offers a calcining furnace for green petroleum coke. For Söderberg plants, we have developed a furnace to simulate in-situ baking of Söderberg paste.

On request, we can also supply all the auxiliary material required for bench scale trials, e.g., screens and mills to make petroleum coke dust.

RDC 161
Bench Scale Anode Production Unit Ø50
RDC 164
Coke Calcining Furnace BF12C
RDC 165
Soederberg Baking Furnace BF12S
RDC 166
Anode Baking Furnace BF12A
RDC 167
Pilot Baking Furnace BF24
RDC 179
Pilot Core Drilling Machine
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