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Anodes for the Aluminium Industry 1st Edition

Compilation of literature regarding:

  • petroleum coke
  • pitch
  • anode manufacturing
  • anode baking
  • anode behaviour


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Anodes for the Aluminium Industry 2nd Edition
  • Raw materials (pitch, coke, butts)
  • Green anode manufacturing
  • anode baking
  • anode quality
  • environmental aspects
  • anode performance in the cell



The book "Cracking Behaviour of Anodes" contains the results of Dr. Markus W. Meier's thesis for which he received his Ph.D. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zürich, Switzerland. The research work allows to distinguish the different cracking mechanism of anodes and demonstrates the influence of raw material quality, process parameters during anode manufacturing and operatinq conditions in the electrolysis cell on thermal shock resistance of anodes.  

Anode Reactivity

The book "Influence of Raw Material Properties on the Reactivity of Carbon Anodes" contains the results of Dr. Sheralyn M. Hume's thesis for which she received her Ph.D. from the School of Engineering, University of Auckland, New Zealand. The thesis gives a detailed overview from refinery operation and coke calcination to the anode performance in the electrolysis cell.


Anode Manufacture

The book "Anode Manufacture" contains the results of Dr. Kirstine L. Hulse's thesis for which she received her Ph.D. from the School of Engineering, University of Auckland, new Zealand. This thesis incorporates how different parameters influence anode quality in anode manufacture from the raw materials to the compacted green anode. The thesis has two major sections of work:

To establish the sensitivity of various development stages in green anode manufacturing in terms of Anode quality and Process variables.

Given the above knowledge of how the process will react. To prove that reasonable quality anodes can be made using marginal anode grade raw materials. In addition the identification of process limitations and possible remedies are included.


Chinese Raw Materials for Anode Manufacturing

This book "Anodes from China" contains the results of an investigation carried out by Liu Fengqin from the Zhengzhou Light Metals Research Institute in Zhengzhou , Henan Province in China. The work has been sponsored and supported by R&D Carbon Ltd.


Anode Baking

Anodes are a vital material for aluminum smelters, and anode baking is a crucial step in making them. This baking process is decisive for anode quality and cost, and for bake furnace environmental impact. But there is little reference information available to say how performance can be judged and improved.

This book provides the know-how to optimize a bake furnace to satisfy current priorities, be they optimum output, quality, cost, or impact on the environment. It presents the facts so that they are easy to apply in daily furnace operation.

Good raw materials and green anode recipes are essential input for quality baked anodes, so the explanations cover these aspects as well.

Although R&D Carbon Ltd. specializes in anodes, our philosophy promotes an integrated approach. It therefore focuses on the interaction between anode manufacture and metal production cost.

For making rational decisions and for choosing priorities, for routine daily operation and for optimizing the process, anode plant and baking plant staff will find this book invaluable.


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