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2nd R&D Carbon User Meeting in Dubai, 1 – 3 May 2018

The 2nd R&D Carbon User Meeting attracted a lot of interest among the customers of R&D Carbon who use our products and services.

Delegates from numerous production sites in the greater Middle East area have met key people from R&D Carbon in Dubai, where the meeting was held. In continuation of the 1st User Meeting held in Xi’an (China) in 2017, the purpose and goals of the event were threefold: strategies and methodologies where discussed to improve the quality and performance of the carbon products; insight was given in the novelties of the products and services of R&D Carbon; a workshop and open discussion were conducted to exchange ideas and experience among the participants about current challenges in the production.  


The response from the participants was most positive with many requests to continue such meetings on a regular basis. It is planned to conduct the 3rd R&D Carbon User Meeting in Qingdao presumably in May 2019. We will provide further information with the exact date in due time. In the meantime, we are pleased to respond to your questions and comments.


Please contact (technical assistance), (carbon test equipment), Julien Wyss (laboratory services), (bake furnace and firing system) and (third party anodes).


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