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Coke and Granular Carbon

RDC’s specific instruments can measure all relevant properties of coke such as c02 and air reactivities, mechanical behaviour, electrical resistivity, as well as physical properties like density in xylene and tapped bulk density.
RDC 141
CO2 reactivity coke
RDC 142
Air Reactivity Coke
RDC 147
Specific Electrical Resistance Coke
RDC 152
Real Density
RDC 153
Bulk Density Coke
RDC 156
Vibratory Ballmill for Grain Stability
RDC 163
Wettability & Wetting Power
RDC 168
Hardgrove Grindability & Pulverizing Factor
RDC 169
Furnace for Ash Content
RDC 175
Furnace for Volatile Matter
RDC 176
Oil Content Chemical Method
RDC 208
Oil Content Heating Method
RDC 177
Dust Forming Factor
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