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We supply instruments to measure all of the standard properties - such as softening point, quinoline- and toluene-insoluble fractions, viscosity, fractionated distillation, coking value, water content, and density - as well as specially-developed instruments to determine wetting behaviour and pitch requirement.
RDC 152
Real Density in Water
RDC 159
Softening Point Mettler
RDC 163
Wettability & Wetting Power
RDC 169
Furnace for Ash Content
RDC 170
Fractionated Distillation
RDC 171
Quinoline Insoluble
RDC 172
Toluene Insoluble
RDC 173
Water Content Pitch
RDC 178
Furnace for Coking Value
RDC 182
Mettler Sample Press
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