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Technical Services Examples

Raw Material Evaluation

Our laboratory disposes over all the equipment required for the testing of all kind of carbon raw materials according to all internationally established standards by ISO, ASTM and DIN.

Raw materials include e.g., petroleum or pitch cokes (green or calcined), carbon fines, coal tar pitch and petroleum pitch as well.

Apparatus RDC-141 for the determination of CO2 - Reactivity of calcined petroleum coke, (ISO 12981-1)

Testing facilities for anodes, cathodes, Söderberg paste and Ramming paste

Our laboratory is equipped with over all the equipment required for the evaluation of all kind of carbon products according to all internationally established standards by ISO, ASTM and DIN.

Our customers may order sample analysis on a spot basis, or for quality monitoring in regular intervals.

Apparatus RDC-143 for the determination of Thermal Conductivity of anodes, according to ISO 12989

Dynamic Process Optimization (DPO) in Anode Plants

The 'Dynamic Process Optimization' (DPO) is a quick approach allowing to vary all important anode paste plants parameters within hours. In the mobile laboratory the paste samples are formed and baked.
Analysis of the baked samples in RDC's laboratory allows determining exactly the optimum set of parameters for the green anode production.
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RDC's mobile laboratory in a 20 ft container for the execution of a DPO at customers site

Bake Furnace Process Optimization (FPO)

Methods have been established to optimize anode bake furnace operation regarding anode quality, output, energy consumption and environmental impact as well.

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Typical open top ring type furnace.

Dynamic Calciner Optimization (DCO) and Production Support

With the laboratory facilities available and the vast experience in anode production, RDC is able to support raw material producers to optimize their business and to permanently fulfill the required product properties. Dynamic Calciner Optimization (DCO) is part of the program.

Rotary kiln for the production of calcined petroleum coke

Review of Anode Behaviour in Smelters

In linking anode behavior to anode properties RDC is able to pinpoint the causes of substandard anode behavior and to recommend appropriate counter measures.

Anode with heavy CO2 attack

Third party support in anode and cathode production and quality certifications for export

Up to now, RDC supported Aminco, a US based anode supplier with the production of more than 2.000.000 tons of anodes from Chinese producers in order to permanently fulfill the the quality standards of customers in North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

RDC also monitors the quality of cathode blocks on request from suppliers or as arbitrage at smelters.

Chinese anodes ready for export


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