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Technology Development

During three decades R&D Carbon Ltd. has collected extensive results from research and development work, as well as through quality improvement programs. This is our basis to understand how raw material quality affects the quality of anodes and their behavior in the electrolysis cells.

Through our know-how and practical experience in operating and optimizing anode plants for customers all over the world, we have proposed and implemented many modern, efficient concepts and designs for paste plants and anode baking furnaces. Low investment and operating cost, as well as efficient reduction of emissions, make these concepts attractive for new green-field plants as well as for refurbishing existing anode plants. These innovative ideas, many of them patented, have been used for the concept of a large anode plants with capacities of 500'000 to 1 million tpa. Already a 500'000 tpy anode plant applying RDC's concept is operational in the Middle East. Plans for an anode plant of 1 million tpy are under study in a port of Northern Germany.

We have also developed an innovative concept for a continuously operated cathode plant.

RDC has long experience and know-how in the operation and optimization of rotary kilns. In recent years RDC and the Chinese Engineering and Technology company CHALIECO are cooperating to market, sell and operate the proven Chinese Shaft Kiln Calcining Technology. Concept and design have been proposed for several Shaft Kiln projects around the globe.



Carbon Plant: 1 MM tpa Anodes (RDC Concept)
60 ktpa Cathodes, 300 ktpa CPC Shaft Kiln

Green Mill 50 tph

Bake Furnace 150'000 tpa, Anode Storage



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