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Worldwide Corporate Study Conducted by R&D Carbon

Did you ever wonder about …

  •  potential cracks and/or pores
  • density and resistivity gradients
  • variation of physical and chemical properties
  • effect of stubs and slots
  • segregation effects and mechanical integrity

… inside your anodes?


Some considerations about anodes

External and internal appearance may not be the same

  • After forming, binder concentrations at the surfaces give them a visually better appearance than the interior

Internal cracks or voids are not visible at the surface

  • An anode with a flawless surface may still contain internal cracks or inhomogeneities

Standard core drilling may not be representative for the entire anode

  • Density gradients along the anode height and around stub holes and slots may be considerable
  • Cracks or voids of limited length and size may not be detected


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