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Two Million Tons of Carbon Anodes

White Plains, New York, October 14, 2013
Aminco Anodes, LLC announced that their production and deliveries of baked carbon Anodes recently surpassed two million tons. Aminco began exporting anodes from Asia in 1998.

 “We are naturally proud of this landmark,” said Michael J. Wrotniak, CEO of Aminco Anodes LLC. “This has been a team effort made possible by our Swiss partners R&D Carbon as well as the exceptional efforts of our suppliers”.

Aminco Anodes has worked together with R&D Carbon in order to standardize and improve the quality of the Chinese anode exports. Under the slogan of “Swiss Made in China™”, Aminco has consistently and reliably delivered anodes globally to the primary aluminum industry.

According to Wrotniak, future exports will face a competitive marketplace which is adjusting to the recent slump in aluminum prices. “Our competition is making us work harder but we are determined to continuously improve our competitive edge and to maintain and grow this segment of the carbon industry”.

Aminco Anodes is a privately held company based in White Plains, New York.


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