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" With technical audits, process optimizations and specific training courses we bring the knowledge into your plant to increase the performance of your carbon products."


Markus Meier
Technical Services Vice President

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R&D Carbon organizes conferences in the field of carbon products for the Aluminum industry, as well as training courses about anode raw materials, anode production and anode behavior in the smelter. Training courses can be held either in Switzerland or on-site, tailored to the needs of the plant in question.

Training Courses

The 10ᵗʰ International Training Course
"Anodes - From the Raw Materials
to the Pot Performance" 
23-27 September 2024
Thun-Gwatt (Switzerland)

R&D Carbon has created this course more than 20 years ago and continuously updated and upgraded it since then. More than 1’500 professionals from all over the world have attended the course so far and have given the most positive feedback.


The course follows a clear systematic structure and provides a balance of deep general and specific information. The participants of the course shall reach the following objectives:

•    Get familiar with the essentials of the production of the anode raw materials, prebaked anodes and aluminium
•    Understand the capabilities and limitations of the raw material producers to influence the raw material quality
•    Understand the requirements of the aluminium producers
•    Understand the influence of the raw material quality on the anode properties
•    Understand the influence of the anode production process on the anode quality and performance in the pots
•    Understand the measures and methodologies to improve the anode quality and reduce the production cost
•    Gain technical competency to resolve carbon-related issues in aluminium smelters
•    Get the ability to quickly find specific information in the personal, systematically structured proceedings serving as a reference book


•    From aluminium smelters and anode plants: carbon plant managers, production superintendents, laboratory managers and process engineers from carbon and potroom area
•    Suppliers of raw materials (calcined coke and coal tar pitch)
•    Suppliers of processing equipment in carbon plant

•    Professional with commercial background in buying, selling or trading carbon products


DELTAPARK Resort (Deltaweg 29, 3645 Thun-Gwatt, Switzerland)


For further information, please contact

Training Courses
User Meetings

User Meetings



The next R&D Carbon User Meeting will be announced when travel restrictions related to Covid-19 and economic constraints will be relaxed.

The R&D Carbon User Meeting is intended for customers utilizing its


•  Carbon Test Equipment

•  Laboratory Testing Services

•  Technical Assistance

•  Bake Furnace Firing System


The User Meeting is held at different locations near clusters of aluminum smelters.

The purpose and goals are discussions of strategies to improve the quality and performance of carbon products with case studies.

Who should attend: carbon plant managers, production superintendents, laboratory managers and process engineers from carbon and potroom area, as well as suppliers of raw materials.


 If you are interested in further information, please contact


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