R&D Carbon Management Structure Change

We are pleased to announce that as per January 1st, 2021 Jean-Claude Fischer has joined the Board of Directors of R&D Carbon and Matthieu Arlettaz took over the position of the new CEO of the company.


"It is part of our company strategy to enhance the role of our managers in different business sectors. We trust that with this move the position and activities of R&D Carbon in the worldwide carbon business will be strengthened.

I am proud of our achievements during the past years in all our business sectors. With Matthieu Arlettaz taking over my current position, we plan to jointly open new business horizons.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank our customers, our partners and our entire team for the fruitful collaboration during all these years."

Jean-Claude Fischer

"I am proud to take over the operational lead of R&D Carbon Ltd.


I joined the team in 2002, as a process engineer for baking furnaces. In 2012, I was assigned Vice President Carbon Production. Since then, I have conducted numerous production audits and quality optimizations worldwide, especially in China, reducing aluminium production costs and GHG emissions. 


I am looking forward to this new challenge with great enthusiasm and motivation."

Matthieu Arlettaz

R&D Carbon tried to delay the decision as long as possible whether the 2020 course shall take place. Taking into account that on a worldwide scale the number of new infections is still increasing with extensive effects on our daily life, we have to be realistic enough to postpone the course to next year.


We do hope that the situation will improve and therefore plan to conduct the 9th International Training Course in Thun-Gwatt (Switzerland) on 13 – 17 September 2021. Further information will follow in due time.


We are sorry for the bad news but hope to see you next year!

Alps_Switzerland_2003 (5).jpg
R&D Carbon keeps its technology center in operation

The situation around the world is changing quickly. Our daily routine has completely changed within the past weeks.


Our top priority is people's health. We have taken action early, have developed emergency plans and strictly follow the health instructions and recommendations of the authorities.


The R&D Carbon team is committed to its customers. This means for our valued customers :

- Our R&D activities are ongoing. ​

- We keep developing and manufacturing our carbon test equipment. ​

- Analysis of your samples and any kind of other laboratory services will continue as long as parcels can be dispatched.

- Technical assistance, support and all other services are provided on a remote basis.


It is important for us to avoid any interruption of your quality control. We are available should you need to supplement your inventory with original spare parts, certified reference materials or gauges to calibrate your equipment. The R&D Carbon team is happy to assist you remotely.


We keep working for you and wish you, your relatives and collaborators all the best during this challenging period.

Training Course held for ALBA in Bahrain on 21 – 23 January 2020


Dr. Markus Meier and Peter Sulger have held an in-house training course for ALBA in Bahrain about Anodes – From the Raw Materials to the Pot Performance.


During three days, the essentials of the anode production and performance in the pots were discussed and specific information was provided about how the anode performance in the pots is influenced by the anode raw material quality and anode manufacturing process. Based on this information, options were outlined to improve the anode quality and reduce the smelter production cost.


The course was very well received by the participants. Similar topics will be discussed during the 9th International Training Course in Thun-Gwatt (Switzerland) on 28 September – 2 October 2020. Further information will follow shortly. The registration will open in early March 2020. Stay tuned!

R&D Carbon wishes you
all the best for
R&D Carbon improvements

R&D Carbon improved its drilling machine for simplified drilling of all types of electrodes.

R&D Carbon at NFM Congress, Krasnoyarsk

R&D Carbon is a Gold Sponsor of the 2019 NFM and Icsoba congress, in Krasnoyarsk.

Markus W. Meier and Yuri Frantsev from Rusal have chaired the carbon session with 16 presenters from all over the world.

At times, the conference room was occupied to the last seat. More news to come... stay tuned!

R&D Carbon at NFM Congress, Krasnoyark

Regards from the R&D Carbon team attending the NFM congress, in Krasnoyarsk.


Our new booth prominently situated right at the entrance of the exhibition.


More news to come... stay tuned!

Fives' Solios at R&D Carbon

Fives’ carbon test equipment was successfully installed in the R&D Carbon technology center in Switzerland.


This collaboration allows Fives accelerating its research activities and R&D Carbon expanding its range of services to pilot pitch distillation, while ensuring each company’s independent operations.

R&D Carbon, present at the 37th International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium

In order to stay at the forefront in the field, the participants from R&D Carbon (Mr. Alvez and Mr. Pinchuk, in the picture) attended the 37th International Course on Process Metallurgy of Aluminium in Trondheim, Norway.

Dr. Markus W. Meier, VP Technical Service, was one of the lecturers who presented a specific module on Anode Manufacturing Parameters on Behavior in Electrolysis.

3d R&D Carbon User Meeting in Qingdao, 8 - 10 May 2019

The 3d R&D Carbon User Meeting in Qingdao has been a success, with 60 registered participants!

The event has been held in the Wyndham Qingdao Hotel.

The tight program allowed ample information exchange with R&D Carbon and participants.

Training Course Held for Inalum in Kuala Tanjung on 21 – 24 November 2018

Inalum and R&D Carbon can look back to a long-lasting, fruitful collaboration that has started in 1990 with the supply of carbon test equipment to the laboratory. By using this equipment, Inalum could systematically improve the anode quality and hence achieve a substantial reduction of the aluminium production cost. To deepen the knowledge of the new generation of young engineers at Inalum, Dr. Markus Meier has held an in-house training course in Kuala Tanjung (Indonesia) about the Production and Performance of Anodes. During this course, the main topic was about how to keep good anode quality and performance despite the decreasing raw material quality trend.

The participants showed great motivation and enthusiasm. We are confident that Inalum has set the course for the future challenges of anode production. The new generation is getting prepared to take more and more responsibilities.

Welcome to Michel Hürlimann

R&D Carbon has the pleasure to announce that Michel Huerlimann has been appointed as Laboratory Manager.

Mr. Huerlimann will help promoting R&D Carbon's know-how with his knowledge as chemical engineer.

Excited response from participants of 
 Intl. Training Course in Thun, Switzerland

The 8th Intl. Training Course “Anodes – From the Raw Materials to the Pot Performance” was held in Thun (Switzerland) on 17 – 21 September 2018.

Experts from R&D Carbon have provided extensive information about all steps of the anode manufacturing process with specific quantitative data about how the anode quality and performance are influenced.


The feedback of the participants was most positive, here some votes:

“Very well structured course with great amount of shared information”

“Excellent course content, delivery, interaction and lots of learning”

“Great course and networking opportunities; very recommendable”

The next course in Switzerland will take place in September 2020. The precise date will be communicated in due time. Until then, specific courses may be conducted at any location upon request.

2nd R&D Carbon User Meeting in Dubai, 1 – 3 May 2018

Delegates from numerous production sites in the greater Middle East area have met key people from R&D Carbon in Dubai, where the meeting was held. In continuation of the 1st User Meeting held in Xi’an (China) in 2017, the purpose and goals of the event were threefold: strategies and methodologies were discussed to improve the quality and performance of the carbon products; insight was given in the novelties of the products and services of R&D Carbon; a workshop and open discussion were conducted to exchange ideas and experience among the participants about current challenges in the production.  


The response from the participants was most positive with many requests to continue such meetings on a regular basis. It is planned to conduct the 3rd R&D Carbon User Meeting in Qingdao presumably in May 2019. We will provide further information with the exact date in due time. In the meantime, we are pleased to respond to your questions and comments.