" R&D Carbon operates a worldwide unique, independent laboratory and pilot plant to study carbon materials used for the carbon electrode industry. "

Michel Hürlimann
Laboratory Manager

R&D Carbon's experts analyze the carbon materials used in the metal industry. 
With many years of data analysis and a worldwide raw materials know-how, we offer a wide range of analyses to our customers, from single parameter analysis to complete evaluation.
Our independent test results are globally recognized.

Cross Check & Round Robins
Certification & Arbitrage

Analytical Services

Punctual Sample Analysis
Routine Analysis

Standard Test Schedule

R&D Carbon’s laboratory has developed typical sets of analysis to be performed in order to have a full overview of the product quality depending on their final application. The main ones are described here below.

Anode Butts
Baked Anode Core
Baked Ramming Paste
Baked Soederberg Paste Aluminium
Baked Soederberg Paste
Arc Furnaces
Calcined Coke
Cathode Core Horizontal
Cathode Core Vertical
Graphite Electrode Cores 
Graphite Electrode Cores 
Green Coke
Pilot Anodes

List of Analysis

Our State-of-the-Art laboratory provides all types of carbon analysis based on international standards and internal methods. According to our client's needs, specific properties can be selected in the following list and tested. In case of special requirements, R&D Carbon would be pleased to provide its guidance for the selection of appropriate properties.

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