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" Pilot-scale evaluations are a must for your product development, as well as for  the optimization of your raw materials and your carbon production."

Julien Wyss
Vice President Research & Development

R&D Carbon performs basic and applied research in conjunction with leading worldwide companies that are working on carbon. Together with universities in New Zealand, Switzerland and China, seven Ph.D. dissertations were completed, on raw material and to process improvement. Hundreds of fundamental technical papers were published in renowned journals. Several comprehensive handbooks were published. Twenty international awards were received. More than 50 patents in process and product development were granted.


Sophisticated modern research equipment and corresponding techniques are applied to link the macrostructure properties of the carbon materials to their porosity, crystallinity and macrostructure. Among them, X-Ray spectrometry and diffractometry, mercury pressure porosimetry and microscopy image analyzer have been proven as very efficient tools in the laboratory of R&D Carbon.

The combination of the long experience, specific know-how and wide range of infrastructure allows R&D Carbon giving a real added value to the technical services provided to its customers.

Research Center

R&D Evaluations

Based on its long-term experience in the carbon field, R&D Carbon has developed several pilot and bench-scale evaluations, to verify the suitability of given raw materials depending on the final applications. These evaluations can be used for the development of new carbon materials, for optimization or for ensuring the quality of the end product.

R&D Carbon experts constantly develop new types of evaluations to fit the needs of the industry or for special requests.

Bench Scale Anode Evaluation of Green Cokes used for Prebaked Anodes
Pitch Evaluation by Bench Scale Anode Manufacturing and Testing
Ramming Paste Evaluation
Evaluation of Söderberg Paste for Arc Furnaces
Cathode lining products
Pilot Scale Anode Ev. of Calcined
Cokes used for Prebaked Anodes
Evaluation of Söderberg Paste for Aluminium Application
Pilot Evaluation of Green Needle Coke
for Graphite Electrodes
Pilot Shaft Kiln Evaluation of
Green Coke
Pilot Rotary Kiln Evaluation
of Green Coke


These research activities are summarized in books and technical papers which are published in international journals and are presented at well-attended conferences and meetings. The up-to-date knowledge acquired through these research programs enables our audit and plant optimization teams to provide efficient services to our customers.

Survey on Worldwide Prebaked Anode Quality
By Raymond C. Perruchoud, Markus W. Meier and Werner K. Fischer

Anode Baking: the Underestimated Human Aspect
By Felix Keller, Peter O. Sulger, Werner K. Fischer

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